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Across the globe, audiences have been captivated, enlightened, and inspired.

Over the past decade, Hillel has been the guy who sees and covers tech before anyone else. Startups, entrepreneurs, devices, and trends are just some of the topics he covers. As a top influencer, he has shared his thoughts from the Israeli and global tech ecosystem with audiences across the globe.

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Israeli tech and its deep global impact: What Hillel is seeing on a day to day basis from entrepreneurs who are disrupting industries such as autonomous cars, mobile, cyber, and insurance.

Social media and its unprecedented amplification: How Hillel has leveraged the social web to build an entire career in technology, which all started with ten fingers on a keyboard.

Hillel's personal story from New York to Jerusalem: How a 15 year old kid, who moved across the world, leveraged his love for technology to position himself as the top marketer in his new home.

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Hong Kong
New York
San Francisco
Boca Raton
Palo Alto
Tel Aviv

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"From the second Hillel hits the stage he is full of passion and high energy intensity. Using his life experiences he inspires the crowd to realize that anything is possible, and that as opposed to what we are often taught, those that use their values to drive their success do actually win in the end! Not to mention his pride for Israel, its people, idealism, and of course tech."

Rabbi Rafi Lipner

"Hillel is a superstar. He communicates in an engaging manner with diverse audiences in a way that speaks to everyone. He lives and breathes the tech world and that passion along with his amazing connections make him a leading representative of the Israeli tech scene."

Raphael Lamm
L1 Capital

"Hillel Fuld is a passionate and dynamic speaker, who naturally connects with audiences of all ages.  He loves tech, he loves Israel, he loves people, and he knows how to convey his knowledge and experience in a way that makes you thirst for more."

Rabbi Bini Krauss
SAR Academy

"Hillel’s style is so open that everyone could approach him for small talk, big talk or just plain fun talk. It was refreshing to have such a well known personality from the VC world join us and shake up the audience, plant some new ideas, and welcome everyone."

John Cook
SECA Kongress

"Hillel always knows how to engage an audience and get his message across. I can always count on Hillel to bring his best and entertain but most of all teach something new whether it's at Israel Adtech or Content Israel."

Eli Mandelbaum
PluggedIn BD

"Hillel Fuld added an energy and dynamism to our Annual Banquet that we have not seen in a while. He has such a presence and his passion for Israel, Judaism and technology all intersect in a beautiful prism of inspiration. I would highly recommend him to any organization looking to motivate their constituency."

Rabbi Joey Felsen

“Hillel Fuld’s engaging talk combines charisma and expertise with a sense of humor and openness. Our students left the talk in awe of the technological advances in Israel, with a better understanding of how to use social media for career advancement, and wanting to be Hillel’s best friend!”

Shira Friedman Englander
Director of Student Activites
Katz Yeshiva High School of Boca Raton FL

“Hillel is a one of a kind speaker. His speciality is to get you excited about the opportunities out there by telling stories. His talks are so engaging they bring you into the friendships he has formed with the people shaping the industry. But most valuable of all, he gives you the tangible advice & the step-by-step guide to how to achieve your dreams in the tech world. He’s not a speaker who just comes to talk, he stays as a valuable member of your network for good.”

Lauren Glass
Data Engineer at Facebook & Co-Founder of Olim In Tech

We brought Hillel Fuld in last winter for a series of speaking engagements with both our student and parent bodies. Hillel was engaging and relevant across all age groups. Following his closing statements to our students, Hillel was surrounded by a crowd of boys and girls with more questions. When he met with the parents, the conversations lasted way beyond the scheduled program. Hillel gave us his time and attention and left us all wanting more.

Rachel Spinner
Development Operations Manager SAR Academy/SAR High School

Even after knowing Hillel for years, hearing him tell his story about his personal journey from Aliya to how he met Steve Wozniak in Tel Aviv was not only inspiring, but also a fresh look on how to approach my day-to-day. His ‘canvas’ and generosity towards others is never-ending and captivating to heart. He was engaging, energetic (obviously) and the feed-back received from the +100 Olim in Tech who attended was all positive.

Daniel Rubin
Co-Founder Upstream TLV
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