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About Hillel

Dubbed Israel's top marketer, Hillel works with leading tech entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries to accompany them on their journey from idea to revenue.

Hillel's work is published on some of the world's top tech publications including TechCrunch, Venturebeat, Inc, Entrepreneur, The Next Web, Business Insider, and more, bringing Israel's energetic tech scene to life. He collaborates with leading global brands including Google, Oracle, Microsoft, and Nike. But, what does he actually do? Here is the whole story! Say hi on Twitter - @Hilzfuld

What Hillel Does




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Startup Advisory Portfolio

Working with leading entrepreneurs across the globe on all things growth

Global Speaking

Across the globe, Hillel captivates, enlightens, and inspires audiences.

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Brand Collaborations

Ongoing work with some of the world's leading brands across all sectors