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Across the globe, audiences have been captivated, enlightened, and inspired.

Hillel sees and covers tech before anyone else. Startups, entrepreneurs, devices, and trends are just some of the topics he covers. As a top influencer, he shares his thoughts from the Israeli and global tech ecosystem with audiences across the globe.

The topics

Hillel's personal story from New York to Jerusalem: How a 15 year old kid who moved across the world leveraged his love for technology to position himself as the top marketer in his new home.

Israeli tech and its deep global impact: An overview of what Hillel is seeing on a day to day basis from Israeli entrepreneurs who are disrupting industries such as autonomous cars, mobile, enterprise, insurance, and so many more.

Social media and its unprecedented amplification: How Hillel has leveraged the social web to build an entire career in technology, which all started with ten fingers on a keyboard.

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