Testimonials about Hillel's work

Orit Strauss

Co-Founder & CEO, GivingWay

"Meeting Hillel a few months ago was one of those defining moments most startups can only hope for; Hillel is, quite literally, a force of nature. The energy, drive, enthusiasm, deep industry understanding and connections, and above all - so much HEART & SOUL. The speed, generosity and effectiveness at which Hillel helps us, whether it be advice, intros or promotion are unparalleled. We couldn’t be more thrilled and honored to have Hillel’s support for what we do".

Gigi Levy Weiss

Managing partner NFX

"Hillel is an amazing contribution to the Israeli entrepreneurial ecosystem. Both as the leading Israeli tech blogger and as a great resource for many tech startups, Hillel has become an invaluable part of Startup Nation. I have worked with Hillel on various projects and have always found him super professional, hard working and incredibly smart. And what’s even better - Hillel is always trying to assist everyone in the ecosystem, displaying the same spirit that helps make Israeli such a hotbed of innovation".

Stav Erez

Partner, Labs/02

"We invest in early stage startups and are working with them hands on to help them grow. We introduce them to experts in all aspects of their venture. One of their “must” stops is meeting with Hillel. He knows exactly what questions to ask to help them focus. He is an expert in translating their deep technologies into compelling stories. He is a magician in building marketing strategies. When each company is calling me after meeting Hillel to tell me how extraordinary the meeting went and how he had completely revolutionized their way of thinking, all is left is to say THANK YOU."

Asaph Schulman

CEO, Coinmama

"Hillel is one of a kind. His enthusiasm with anything related to Israeli tech is contagious. He knows everyone worth knowing in Israel and outside of it and is sort of a human router connecting people in lightning fast speed. Besides his vast knowledge of the tech ecosystem and his awesome storytelling capabilities, Hillel is a great speaker, who keeps the crowd engaged, inspired and laughing throughout. Most importantly though, Hillel is a real mensch, helping hundreds of people find jobs, helping nonprofits and so much more with no financial incentive other than his true passion for helping others."

Michal Tamir

Superfy, Co-founder & CEO

"Working with Hillel is just like connecting your company to an Energizer battery - the man never stops! Starting with his phenomenal storytelling turning every pitch to a compelling story. Following with his huge network of friends who are always ready to help because they love and admire Hillel. And last thing - the fact that he is such a “mench” makes everything much more fun (and not just because of the great steaks!). We are really fortunate to be one of the few startups he’s supporting."

Daniel Rubin

CEO at Keese

"Even after knowing Hillel for years, hearing him tell his story about his personal journey from Aliya to how he met Steve Wozniak in Tel Aviv was not only inspiring, but also a fresh look on how to approach my day-to-day. His ‘canvas’ and generosity towards others is never-ending and captivating to heart. He was engaging, energetic (obviously) and the feed-back received from the +100 Olim in Tech who attended was all positive."

Rachel Spinner

Development Operations Manager SAR Academy/SAR High School

"We brought Hillel Fuld in last winter for a series of speaking engagements with both our student and parent bodies. Hillel was engaging and relevant across all age groups. Following his closing statements to our students, Hillel was surrounded by a crowd of boys and girls with more questions. When he met with the parents, the conversations lasted way beyond the scheduled program. Hillel gave us his time and attention and left us all wanting more."

Lauren Glass

Data Engineer at Facebook & Co-Founder of Olim In Tech

“Hillel is a one of a kind speaker. His speciality is to get you excited about the opportunities out there by telling stories. His talks are so engaging they bring you into the friendships he has formed with the people shaping the industry. But most valuable of all, he gives you the tangible advice & the step-by-step guide to how to achieve your dreams in the tech world. He’s not a speaker who just comes to talk, he stays as a valuable member of your network for good.”

Shira Friedman Englander

Director of Student Activities Katz Yeshiva High School of Boca Raton FL

“Hillel Fuld’s engaging talk combines charisma and expertise with a sense of humor and openness. Our students left the talk in awe of the technological advances in Israel, with a better understanding of how to use social media for career advancement, and wanting to be Hillel’s best friend!”

Rabbi Joey Felsen

"Hillel Fuld added an energy and dynamism to our Annual Banquet that we have not seen in a while. He has such a presence and his passion for Israel, Judaism and technology all intersect in a beautiful prism of inspiration. I would highly recommend him to any organization looking to motivate their constituency."

Eli Mandelbaum

PluggedIn BD

"Hillel always knows how to engage an audience and get his message across. I can always count on Hillel to bring his best and entertain but most of all teach something new whether it's at Israel Adtech or Content Israel."

John Cook

SECA Kongress

"Hillel’s style is so open that everyone could approach him for small talk, big talk or just plain fun talk. It was refreshing to have such a well known personality from the VC world join us and shake up the audience, plant some new ideas, and welcome everyone."

Rabbi Bini Krauss

SAR Academy

"Hillel Fuld is a passionate and dynamic speaker, who naturally connects with audiences of all ages. He loves tech, he loves Israel, he loves people, and he knows how to convey his knowledge and experience in a way that makes you thirst for more."

Raphael Lamm

L1 Capital

"Hillel is a superstar. He communicates in an engaging manner with diverse audiences in a way that speaks to everyone. He lives and breathes the tech world and that passion along with his amazing connections make him a leading representative of the Israeli tech scene."

Rabbi Rafi Lipner


“From the second Hillel hits the stage he is full of passion and high energy intensity. Using his life experiences he inspires the crowd to realize that anything is possible, and that as opposed to what we are often taught, those that use their values to drive their success do actually win in the end! Not to mention his pride for Israel, its people, idealism, and of course tech.”

Talia Finn-Jakar

Growth at Powtoon

“When it comes to PR and advocacy, Hillel can talk the talk, but he most definitely also walks the walk (with fabulous shoes on his feet too! ;)) Most recommended Marketing communications professional I've worked with in many years.”

Shlomo Mirvis

CEO Intelligo

‘I’m a big believer in working with people who are both positive and professional, Hillel is exactly that. He is an optimistic guy who always delivers and is absolutely the real thing.’

Zach Abramowitz

CEO and cofounder of ReplyAll

‘His interview portfolio reads like a “Who’s Who” of A-listers in tech and venture capital.’

Farhana Rahman

Founder, TechShmooze

‘Hillel is a guiding light, and an inspiration. Despite his exuberant social presence, he is a silent hero that works behind-the-scenes setting up the building blocks to success for companies and individuals alike. It's overly simplistic to say that he merely does 'marketing and branding,' because he creates a ripple effect of real results, that can be traced back to him months (or years) later. Looking for a superhuman, straight-shooting, dynamic powerhouse of knowledge? Meet Hillel.’

Sagee Ben-Zedeff

Founder and CEO, Catch App

‘Hillel is a rare combination of someone with an extensive network who genuinely knows everyone everywhere and someone who is a real "mensch", always willing to lend a hand or good advice.’

Alex Bouaziz

CEO, Founder, Deel

‘Hillel is more than just a mentor. He is always ready to help whenever needed, gives his 100% and knows Israeli tech like the back of his hand. Hillel is always available and always knows the right person. He is one of the most valuable mentors a startup could wish for. If there is one person an aspiring entrepreneur must meet, its with Hillel. Network, ideas, experience he's got it all.’

Ziv Elul

CEO/Founder, Inneractive

‘Hillel - so happy we could have someone like him , his energy , understanding of the market , quality content and networking we could only dream about helped the company to grow and to build our name out there among bigger companies, we had him with us in the exact time and wish we could afford him today as well.’

Toby Olshanetsky

Founder and CEO, Proov

‘Hillel is a Super geek with deep marketing understanding of the tech eco-system and connections from here to the moon with willingness to help at all time.’

Laura Milmeister

Marketing Director, Lawgeex

‘I'm always surprised that no matter what, Hillel is always within reach, responsive and available to help each time I reach out.’

Ariel Assaraf

Chief Product Officer, Coralogix

‘After a short conversation Hillel understood exactly my target audience and connected me with literally anyone I wanted with a warm and compelling intro.’

Benny Shaviv

CEO and Founder, Fitness22

‘Hillel is instrumental in so many ways. He is a marketing wizard, a connections maverick, and an amazing strategic advisor. He has helped us fine tune our positioning in a laser focus manner, and was able with very little effort to get top journalists interested in us. I will keep working with him for as long as he’ll have me.’

Bob Rosenchein

Founder of Answers.com

‘I keep learning from Hillel Fuld. He’s smart, insightful, fun, super well-connected / respected, and most importantly a real mensch. I look forward to working with him in every company I ever build!’


'There are only a few people who serve as a focal point for entrepreneurs looking to grow their businesses. They provide advice, mentorship, connections, experience, credibility…In the Israeli tech ecosystem, Hillel Fuld is that guy.’

Joseph Essas

CTO Opentable

‘Hillel brings this incredibly enthusiastic and positive energy into every conversation. After meeting Hillel – all you want to do – is to go and change something about your work or about your life. Make it better. Hillel is true inspiration par excellence.’


‘If you’re a startup in the “startup nation” of Israel, you know marketing-dude turned-tech-blogger Hillel Fuld.’


‘Israel’s top marketer.’

Yoav Vilner

CEO Ranky

'Hillel has been a friend and a colleague since we were only 2 founders working from a basement. Our business relationship is one of the reasons Ranky grew to be a marketing kingdom.'

Yael Zamir

CEO Embryonics

"Hillel is a multi-tasking advisor and a real friend. He is highly professional, super connected, and can take any idea to the next stage."

Tzvika Katzenelson

Co-Founder & CRO at Epistema

"I only know Hillel for a few months, and he has already become my go-to-person in more ways than I could have ever imagined. He is the biggest tech geek, with amazing thirst to help entrepreneurs, and unparalleled understanding of the hi-tech world. A conversation with Hillel often helps me more than months of research. Above all that - Hillel has the biggest heart and he is an absolute Mensch."

Miriam Illions

CMO and Co-Founder, Hometalk

"Hillel is my right hand man when I need an introduction to just about anyone. Within minutes, there’s usually a warm response in my inbox. The press we’ve gotten through Hillel— TechCrunch, Forbes, and Business Insider, to name just a few— are worth their weight in gold. If you’re lucky enough to work with him, know that he’s the nicest guy ever and will be the biggest supporter and advocate of your brand!"